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Soak Your Skin In  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil From Just Herbs


Explore the benefits of organic extra virgin coconut oil to get  healthy and nourished skin. Coconut oil protects the inner protective layers of your skin. It also traps moisture, thus effectively hydrating your skin. But getting pure, organic and authentic coconut oil may be difficult off the shelf in stores. Just Herbs has  taken measures to ensure that our customers get nothing other than pure and herbal coconut oil. Get the benefit of pure coconut oil when you buy from Just Herbs.


Buy Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Online For Your Skin


Explore the body oil benefits for the skin before you buy any product that hydrates and moisturizes. Check out our body oil for summer:


1. Tender Touch Body Radiance Oil - The Best Smelling Body Oil

This is a 100% Ayurvedic and herbal oil for Vata skin type. The composition of this oil includes  Ashwagandha, which protects your skin from infection; Bala is an ancient beautifying herb that imparts flawless skin. Methi is rich in vitamins K and C that reduce blemishes and repair the skin. Sandalwood in this oil soothes inflammations and calms irritated skin. It also acts as a lightening agent and is thus effective in reducing pigmentation. This extra virgin coconut oil will not only help your skin but also induce calm  relaxation for your mind. 


The cold-press method produces high-quality oil so that you get all the goodness of the components. This  oil is non-greasy thus making it best for daily use. The formulation of the cold-pressed vegetable oil relieves stress and calms the mind. Using this oil will make you feel relaxed and give you  glowing skin naturally.


Massage this best body oil for summer in a circular motion into your skin to  feel calm and relaxed. Use this paraben-free oil after your shower for immense benefits. Sense  the soothing aroma and the calming essence with every use.


2. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Unprocessed & Certified Organic - 


The extra virgin coconut oil benefits are irrefutable. Cocos Nucifera or coconut is the best ingredient for skincare and has been used in Ayurvedic formulations for centuries. It is known to cure several skin ailments as it is rich in saturated fatty acids that repair the skin. The oil keeps the skin moist and hydrated. Its Vitamin E component reduces inflammation and imparts younger-looking skin. Use this oil every day to moisturize your skin, minimize the signs of ageing, boost skin collagen, and enhance skin elasticity. This organic oil will repair your damaged skin with continued use. You can get  soft and supple skin like never before. 


This oil is produced strictly under organic product guidelines. The cold-pressed technique ensures that the oil is 100% pure and natural with no chemicals. The oil is best for people with Pitta dosha. It is refined at lower temperatures to retain its  organic properties and has a sweet fragrance that can  relieve you from all types of stress.


Massage the oil in circular strokes on moist skin after taking a shower. You will feel relaxed and calm as the oil gets slowly absorbed by your skin.  Massage until oil gets fully absorbed and feel the goodness of Indian Ayurvedic formulations. The antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties of this oil will protect your skin from infections. You can use the oil for your hair as well. Make the oil warm and apply it onto the scalp, massaging with your fingertips. Keep it on for an hour or as long as is convenient and then use Just Herbs herbal shampoo to wash your hair for best results. Follow this process twice a week for healthy and lustrous hair.


Check Out Just Herbs Online For A Complete Skincare Regimen 


We at Just Herbs offer organic body butter for all skin types:

  1. Kerala Coconut & Wheatgerm Body Butter: Rejuvenate your dull and flaky skin with this moisturizing body butter. Apply on your skin just after a shower and feel the softness and moisturization instantly.
  2. Mace-Moringa Rejuvenating Body Butter: This body butter contains Moringa from the Himalayan foothills. The Ayurvedic formulation will calm and soothe your skin.


We have an exclusive range of body washes for you:


  1. Kumuda - Sacred Lotus Rejuvenating Body Wash: Soothe your skin with the goodness of Indian lotus and herbs. You will feel calm and relaxed after every shower.
  2. Shatpatri Wild Indian Rose - Gentle Body Wash: Indian rose is known to give  immense skin benefits. The body wash will gently cleanse your skin, and make you  feel light and soft.
  3. Malabar Lemongrass - Invigorating Body Wash: Feel the sweet aroma of lemongrass along with natural herbs in this body wash. Get the benefits of Ayurveda with every bath.

Why Choose Just Herbs For Buying Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

EXtra Virgin Coconut Oil needs to be pure, authentic and extracted the right way to be most effective for skin care. Try our body oil for glowing skin naturally. We provide our global customers chemical-free oil products for healthy skin. You no longer need to search for pure and authentic coconut oil anywhere else.  Just Herbs believes in natural skincare, so get the best products for you and your loved ones this summer. Glow and shine with Ayurvedic products and look your best naturally.

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